PP Woven Bag at Tan Hung JSC – Vietnam PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

Tan Hung JSC – Vietnam PP Woven Bag Manufacturer can produce a wide variety of sizes in woven polypropylene bags also called Woven Sacks, PP Sacks, etc. These bags are an excellent solution to pack 30-50 KG of dry material. These small bags are manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric which has superior strength and less prone to punctures. PP woven small bags also come in laminated or non-laminated version depending upon the need of the material to be packed.

Tan Hung JSC – Vietnam PP Woven Bag Manufacturer can also print your woven polypropylene bags based on your requirement. We have our printing facility in the factory where we can print your bags up to 12 colours.

PP Woven small bags are used to package a wide variety of materials like animal feed, cement, ceramics, talk, seeds, and sands etc. Some additional benefits to using a woven polypropylene bag include:

  • The used PP yarns used are more robust than regular PE plastic
  • PP Bags are resistant to wear & tear of the weather and do not degrade in the wet state
  • The material is very readily marketable and can be printed up to 3 colours for branding
  • Resistant to tearing even with rough handling
  • Can easily be reused over and over again
  • Woven PP bags are a stronger option over multi-wall paper bags

Features based on its anatomy:

Top finish:

  • Heat cut
  • Zigzag cut
  • Cold cut
  • Overlock seam


  • Single folded single sewn
  • Single folded double sewn
  • Double folded single sewn
  • Double folded double sewn

Polyethylene inner bag:

  • Free inserted
  • Sewn with base seam
  • Sewn with the top seam
  • Cuffed at top


  • Tubular
  • Lay flat width: 36 cm to 1220 cm
  • Weight: 60 gr/m2 to 150 gr/m2

Fabric options:

  • Coated
  • Transparent
  • Coloured
  • Gusseted


  • Drawstring
  • Tie string
  • Document pocket stitched to the body
  • Printing: Up to 3 colours

Some of the common sizes for different industry types are mentioned below:

For Food Grains :

  • Size – Length 1120 mm, Width 650 mm for 50 Kg packing
  • Size – Length 800 mm, Width 370 mm for 25 Kg packing.
  • Open Mouth, Zig Zag Cut Or Top Hemmed, Bottom Stitched.
  • The sack can be made in any Colour and can be printed with any colour.

For Fertilizers :

  • Size – Length 910 mm, Width 560 mm for 50 Kg packing
  • Open Mouth, Bottom stitched and duly laminated with PP/LDPE inside or outside. 
  • The sack can be made in any Colour and can be printed with any colour.

For Sugar :

  • Size – Length 900 mm, Width 590 mm for packing 50 Kg
  • Size – Length 630 mm, Width 480 mm for packing 25 kgs
  • Open Mouth Or Top Hemmed
  • The inside separate loose liner bag of 25-micron thickness can be stitched at the bottom or Top of Bag.
  • The sack can be made in any Colour and can be printed with any colour.

Sand Bags :

  • Size – Length 850 mm, Width 360 mm for packing 50 Kg
  • Used for Soil Erosion control, flood control and just about any reinforcement project.
  • The bags are made from white woven polypropylene with UV protection and a tie string.

For a full woven sack catalogue, please check at Buy Woven Sacks

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